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Hey #almagirl

ALMA IBIZA BOUTIQUE was started in 2019 by Ana Alvarez, she was passionate about fashion and the freedom that she felt when she came to Ibiza in 2013 looking for an opportunity and fighting for her dream.

While everyone else was shopping clothing common, overprices, departments store-look, she was a young girl, creating a style that represent the summer she love, freedom. Looking for the latest trends, the hippest, most daring dresses, and thinking about designing something that was different from everything else in Ibiza.

"The fashion, it´s not just what you wear, it´s how you wear it" she say.

Your aim to women to look cool and have the confident to be their mist creative, happy selves.

Alma Ibiza boutique, is more than the clothing we sell, we represented the freedom and confident to search for your own sense of style. We want to encourage young women everywhere to embrace their inner cool girl and celebrate their individuality.

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