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It's important to have a proper #skincare #routine to take care of the #skin of the #face in the best possible way.

For this reason, in this #blog we offer you some #tips that will be very helpful to avoid the most common mistakes when #taking care of the #skin of the #face.

1. Remove make-up and wash your face before bed. Every #skincare #routine has to start by properly removing makeup and washing your #face every night before going to sleep. If not, it can generate impurities and accumulation of dirt particles that will end up transforming into blackheads.

2. Clean your face when you wake up.

When you wake up you must repeat the same process as during the night the skin accumulates #makeup residue from the day before. The ideal is to pass a cotton with #micellar water to remove dead cells. You will be surprised with the cotton at the end!

It's also important to be careful how you do it. Don't over-exfoliate or rub with the towel, or you'll irritate your #skin. Rinse with warm water and keep the towel clean.

3. Choose the right products.

There are different types of #skin such as #mixed, #fat, #dry, etc. Therefore, the same product does not work for all skin types. It's important to consult a dermatologist who can clearly tell you what type of #skin you have and recommend the #products for you. You can start with micellar water, then apply a #cleansing gel, follow with a #tonic and a #serum that illuminates and hydrates, and finish with your usual moisturizer.

4. Use sunscreen.

It doesn't matter if you don't leave home, even inside the house you must use #sunscreen daily, because UV rays pass through doors and windows. For this reason it is important to include it as a step in any #skin #routine, this way you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles, #skin diseases and those annoying spots.

5. Moisturize the skin.

As a final step, #hydration in the #skin is of utmost importance in order to maintain a #skin that is always radiant. A specialist will be able to tell you with higher quality if it is better for you to use #serums or #creams for it.

With these #tips you will significantly improve #skincare #routine, although it is always advisable to go to a dermatologist to check the #skin of your #face and can guide you in what is best for you.

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