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The #Cannes Film Festival is a world-famous film #festival that takes place every year in the southern French city of Cannes.

Since 1946, every year celebrities from all over the world gather to reward the best workers of the cinema: directors, actors...

Obviously for them it's a perfect opportunity to dress up! So to get on the steps of the #red carpet they draw their most beautiful look.

There are obviously some key figures in the festival, and for the #AlmaIbizaboutique, Argentinean #Georgina Rodriguez is the most anticipated celebrity on the red carpet.

The young Georgina was born in Argentina and grew up in the north of Spain.

Later she worked as a saleswoman in the Gucci shop in Madrid and met her future husband the famous footballer Christiano #Ronaldo.

The young woman is an inspiration, a model, an entrepreneur of her own clothing brand, a mother, an influencer, she manages all her roles perfectly.

At her first appearance in 2018 she didn't let anyone steal her thunder, she had walked up the steps in a sublime creation with a black dress, with transparencies at the bottom and a large décolleté at the top.

Since the famous spanish model chooses her looks carefully for this occasion and does nothing but amaze us year after year...

In 2019 dressed by Ali Karoui.

In 2021 desde by Jean-Paul Gauthier

Dresse SWAROVSKI in 2022

For this 2023 edition, we were eagerly awaiting the look of Georgina and once again this year the sublime young woman electrified the red carpet in a gold-coloured dress designed by Ali Karoui.

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